Clothing Optional

As a devoted follower of Craig’s List I could not restrain myself from answering this ad:

I am interested in befriending an open-minded woman who already enjoys, or would like to enjoy (explore?) sunbathing nude at one of the respectable clothing optional resorts or nude beaches in the area.
My search is for friendship only as nudity in this context does not equal sex. To the contrary, after first being apprehensive I now find it emotionally and physically relaxing with the only thing missing being a friend to converse with during the day!
As a friend, your marital status, age, height, weight, ethnicity, education level and occupation do not matter. Your friendship characteristics; however, do matter.
As for me, I am married, 50’s, six foot one, one hundred ninety pounds, Caucasian and Master’s degree.
I hope to hear from you. I know this is an off-beat posting but I am hopeful of meeting someone who thinks similarly or would like to have an adventure for a day to see how they like it! I will respond to all reasonable replies and will provide a face picture at that time.

Whenever I think about the nude lifestyle I’m instantly directed to the metaphor of the little kid pressing his nose against the window of the candy store….at least until now. It is something that has captivated my imagination since I was old enough to be told that proper society demands clothing and I have never lost my interest in the delight of being naked.

Several years ago I had a friend named Diana who was a nudist and I sort of lived vicariously through her; I was married at the time and the subject of nudity would have been greeted with approximately the same suspicion as tuberculosis. My awesome girl time in the hot tub had to go unreported but it was something I never forgot and longed to do again. Later in my life I lived with a cool guy who had a very private swimming pool and we spent hours naked by his pool which translated into some seriously good bedroom time. But I digress.

The idea of going to a clothing-optional place has been on my mind for ages since it seemed like the next logical step in my search for nudity nirvana, but I never had a partner who was less than horrified at the thought of taking his clothes off in public. It is not hard to see why this ad captivated me immediately.

His name was David and we had some lovely banter back and forth before our appointed meeting day at a resort fairly close to both of us that he was familiar with. He was articulate, funny and provided me with a wealth of detailed information about what to expect along with some of his personal observations and ideas about things I might not think to bring; any anxieties I had were beginning to melt away and the appointed day could not come quickly enough. The forecast became a minor obsession and I was grateful that the weather looked promising.

Somehow I managed to make it to our chosen day without bursting and arrived at the resort about fifteen minutes early with my picnic basket and a silk sarong that I had fashioned out of a sari that had belonged to my grandmother. For an extraordinary day I needed an extraordinary coverup and this fit the bill perfectly being versatile and colorful.

David arrived a few minutes later in his pickup truck; he was a handsome, lanky man with expressive eyes who greeted me with a warm hug and a thousand watt smile. Mindful of the fact that I was checking something off my bucket list he brought me a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers he had grown in his garden; I was absolutely smitten.

About three seconds after we parked a completely nude man who was as brown as walnuts drove up to greet us in a golf cart. He recognized David right away and greeted him by name; clearly my companion was a regular. As he chatted with David we both prepared to get undressed at our cars as previously planned, and I knew it would be my moment of truth.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of times I have been enormously anxious about something that ended up being a complete and total nonevent and this was just such a time. David had done such an amazing job of preparing me every step of the way and the general attitude of the place was so casual and unassuming that it would have seemed dumb to have the slightest qualm about baring it all. I removed my panties and dress with total aplomb and tied my sarong on with a casual unhurriedness. My gut told me this was going to be okay.

We made our way to the nearly deserted pool and located a couple of lounge chairs on the far end that seemed suitable. I somehow managed to remove my sarong and slather myself with sunscreen before establishing myself on the chaise. Oddly enough it seemed a bit more intimate than undressing at our respective vehicles, perhaps because we were not distracted by our welcoming committee. It took me a minute to get comfortable, but once he started to talk I forgot where I was; it was just the most wonderfully uncontrived experience I have ever had and we talked about everything under the sun. There is something very honest about being unclothed and it’s the most amazing equalizer; it dispels judgement, prejudice and all the normal artifice of human nature leaving you with the most wonderful freedom to be one’s elemental self. We sunbathed, swam and strolled down to the pond for a light lunch and more conversation on my picnic blanket. I have never been so relaxed in my life and David told me I would have difficulty leaving.

He was right.

The afternoon melted away before I knew it and after a lovely outdoor shower we dressed and returned to our vehicles. At his suggestion I had sussed out a funky little brewery near our resort that I had been to before and we went there for a lovely dinner and to enjoy the fading light of the day. It was the most perfect time I have had in recent memory and I am so grateful to David for giving me the gift of an experience I would remember for the rest of my life. I’m hoping we get to do it again some time, but even if we never see each other again I know have been completely transformed into someone who has a new awareness of herself and it feels really, really good. Thank you, David.


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