Return to Normalcy…Sort Of

The last steri-strip fell off my knee yesterday just in time for my return to work for half days today, and after I got home I realized how grateful I was to be able to start slowly. I was tired! I wasn’t even that productive with all my colleagues coming over to welcome me back, but there was plenty to catch up on. My office is easy to navigate without a cane and people were astonished that I was no longer limping. It’s still amazing to me, too.

The knee is still waking me up at least once in the night with its restlessness contributing to my tiredness during the day, but it’s getting better. The goal now is to get it to bend enough to return to spin class; it still will not allow me to complete a revolution on the bike…but I’m close. My walking is getting straighter and my endurance is getting good enough to get some things accomplished. That’s huge for someone who has found the slow recovery frustrating.


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