Week Three

Now that I can drive my spirits have lifted considerably and I no longer feel so dreadfully dependent upon people; going to the grocery store alone was a minor victory.  Bringing the laundry up from the basement is still problematic, but the cleaning of the litter box is now an easily done task; life is slowly returning to normal along with my leg.  The deep purple bruising is fading to a strange yellow and more sensation is returning to the parts that were numb; pathways that were cut or disturbed during surgery are now doing their miraculous knitting together and this phenomenon is often accompanied by strange phantom pains and restlessness in the night. The sciatic nonsense has lessened with my increased activity which further cements my theory that movement is the cure.

My in home physical therapy sessions exhausted, I began going to a fantastic woman named Joan for my next six sessions. Her first request was to have me walk away from her and she quickly determined that my right leg is now slightly longer than my left. She immediately fashioned a little cardboard shim for me which she placed in my left sneaker and had me walk away from her again; I was no longer swinging my bad leg around to compensate for the changed length and my gait straightened immediately. Dr. D’Ascoli had warned me that as long as my gait was screwy I was going to experience sciatic issues. This whole mechanical relationship between the different body parts has been fascinating to witness and it is amazing to see the difference small changes make.  Joan also warned me that in addition to learning to walk properly again, I would need to retrain some “favoritism” habits such as resting all my weight on my left leg.

This morning I awoke feeling more depressed than usual, so I made a maiden voyage to the gym in spite of the fact that I wasn’t officially cleared to do so. I had this overwhelming need to walk and since the weather was wretched it made a lot more sense to secure a treadmill at my second home. It felt great to walk back in after being away for a few weeks and I got to catch up with some of the gym regulars I have known for years. Sometimes just doing something familiar is enough to calm the spirit.


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