Today was the last day of in-home physical therapy from Judy who was assigned to my case and it was amazing to see how far I had come. The day after my surgery the thought of bending my gigantic swollen knee at a ninety degree seemed unfathomable but eighty degrees was reachable today with relative ease. It was good to see progress at the end of all the torture in spite of the fact that there is still much more to do.

Dispensing with the walker and using a cane made mobility a hundred times easier and has already helped my gait. I have a love-hate relationship with the cane; giving it up too early will be a huge detriment to the way I walk, but I noticed that the cane makes me completely immune to eye contact of any kind.

The invisibility thing was something I noticed on a recent trip to a restaurant and bar I frequent fairly often. As I was walking the length of the bar using my cane I noticed that people who would normally respond to my smile with a look or a nod were now diverting their eyes as if they were afraid to be caught staring. It took a while for this to sink in; I noticed an oddness as I navigated the crowd but an experimental trip to the bathroom clinched it. People do not want to look at infirmity of any kind or perhaps it is some sort of knee-jerk politeness. In any case, I found it fascinating and made me resolve to work even harder to ditch the cane.



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