Week Two

Week two was the week when I finally felt as if I was turning some sort of corner and experienced a lot of the changes that someone healing from this surgery experiences. Sensation was gradually returning to parts of my leg that had been numb and the bruising was slowly disappearing. Physical therapy was bringing back the strength surprisingly quickly so leg management was vastly easier. As of this writing it is still remarkably difficult to get comfortable for long periods of time because of the residual swelling, but it is getting better. In tiny increments. Tiny. This rehabilitation has required every ounce of my patience and focus and there have been a few meltdowns, some of which have been caused by progress that has been frustratingly slow and some by my emotional state before going into surgery. Anesthesia seems to exacerbate these devastating little incidents that leave me drained.

Toward the end of week two the walker is now being handled in much the same way one would handle a very clunky cane, so I am hopeful that my physical therapy session tomorrow will graduate me to an actual cane.  Driving is another thing I am really missing and while I cannot think of anywhere I really need to go, it frustrates me to be dependent upon other people.

One landmark event in week two was the follow-up with Dr. D. My gigantic sticky bandage was removed revealing a shiny row of thirty two staples which had not seen daylight since I was at the hospital. They were quickly removed by a woman who had clearly done this sort of thing  million times before and covered the eight inch scar with a row of steri-strips. The doctor said I was progressing nicely and gave me a copy of the x-ray of my new prosthesis which made me feel oddly as if some torch had been passed; I had the fleeting memory of the day I took delivery on my pickup truck which made me chuckle.


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