In spite of the fact that I am decidedly non-religious, Easter is by far my favorite holiday. It’s not because it’s a lower pressure holiday than Christmas or because those little candy covered chocolate eggs are so darn good; it’s because it’s a time of renewal and of promise. When Christmas rolls around I’m preparing to hunker down for the long winter ahead and bracing myself for captivity. In stark contrast, Easter represents a lightening, a freeing….a release. The longer days ahead are like a banquet I have not yet arrived at and it fills me with a sense of buoyant anticipation as I look forward to the light and warmth of spring.

This Easter is especially significant for me because for the first time in ten years I am single. The professor and I decided to call it quits, amicably of course, last fall and I spent the winter in my cocoon reinventing myself as a single girl and thinking about this next stage of my life. After all those years of being someone’s significant other my psyche feels unbound as I prepare myself for new experiences, and rather than feeling frightened I feel more alive than I have in years. The chrysalis metaphor comes to mind here and I am reminded once again that hope does, indeed, spring eternal.


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