The Twenty Year Plan

It occurred to me the other day that I am at that stage of my (extended) college career where it feels as if graduation is just never going to happen.  If I didn’t screw up the calculations I have seven classes to go, which seems like an awful lot considering how long I have been at it.  At a recent family gathering my sister-in-law asked how my classes were going and my brother who overheard us said,  “Are you still in school”?  What are you on, the twenty year plan”?

It’s probably the feeling all adult students who get a degree one or two classes at a time get at some point, but Sage recently made an announcement that made things oh-so-much better. They announced that they were discontinuing the Networking and Systems Administration degree program!  In response to a panicked email from me, they assured me that I would be given a reasonable amount of time to complete my degree, but wouldn’t elaborate on what they considered a reasonable amount of time. Friends and colleagues who have endured the Sage “advisement” debacle have been wishing me luck.

The problem with this little nugget of information is that most colleges require you to get (read: buy) at least thirty credits before issuing you a diploma.  I understand why they do this, but I have only 21 credits to go which means it would end up costing quite a bit extra to change schools.  And almost no one has a four year degree similar to mine for working adults; taking a leave of absence to complete my degree is not really in the cards.

Since “proceed until apprehended” is pretty much my motto these days, I decided to take two classes this summer; one is at Sage and another is at Empire State. It has definitely put a serious damper on summer activities (not to mention my blogging), but it makes me feel that I am at least doing something about this degree problem instead of just fretting about it.  And in the fall you can be pretty sure I will be doubling up on the dreaded coursework to get through these last few classes…even if it takes me twenty years to do it.


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  1. Mike said,

    November 17, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Your doing a great job! keep it up, I’ll push you if (or when) you need it.

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