The Outhouse

outhouseI know…I have not been doing much blogging of late.  It’s spring, and projects definitely trump blogging any day!

My latest project is a new tool shed which is a replica of an old “back house”.  For several years I have been looking around for a vintage one to dismantle and move to my back yard for conversion into a tool shed, but most of the ones I have found are in such disrepair that it just wasn’t worth it.  A few weeks ago Ken actually suggested that we build one ourselves.  This was interesting since I’m usually the one who cooks up projects, but after thinking about it for a while I realized that there was an ulterior motive; the new tool shed will get my gardening stuff out of the barn leaving more room for the Professor to spread out.  It was kind of a win-win for everyone.

The basic shape was framed up in no time, and since I wanted cedar shingles Ken gladly handed over the hammer for that particular brand of tedium.  It’s not hard to see why having a house shingled in cedar is so pricey…it’s a lot of work!  While I was busy shingling, Ken fabricated a door (complete with a crescent moon) and attached a simple tin roof.  He added some shelves, and my little tool shed was done!

The outhouse came out great; it holds  all my gardening stuff in close proximity to the house (and I have a lot of it) and smells wonderfully of cedar inside.  It’s so handy and roomy that I don’t even mind being displaced from the barn!


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  1. gary said,

    July 20, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    This blog is a great read! You’re a good writer. Keep it up.
    I’m especially interested in the career related postings. =8-0

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