The New Kid on the Block

I’m settling into my new routine and it’s going fairly well in spite of some pretty sizable adjustments that I hadn’t anticipated.  The new hours are ok and I’m getting used to the busier, noisier office setting.  What has been harder to get used to is having to rely on other people for everyday things.

At the district, if I needed access to something I had it simply by virtue of being the Network Administrator.  At the RIC it’s a totally different scenario because of the fact that it’s a data center with numerous tiers of authority.  I was happily adding users the other day and discovered that I had permission to one container but not another, necessitating a request for a change in permissions.   If a file needs to be restored I have to open a support ticket and wait until the backup guy can restore it.  My requests for extra permissions or an errant file are quickly granted, but I always feel like the resident pest.

This scenario is typical of how large organizations work and understandable from the standpoint of security, but it has seriously hampered my ‘get it done’ approach.  Having spent nearly ten years running my networks alone, it has been an interesting exercise for me to suddenly have to work in a team environment; fortunately for me I don’t bring my ego to work with me!

There are other things about the new job that are not as easy to understand, such as why I still do not have voicemail.  When I queried my manager about it, he said something to effect that I needed justification for it.  This is French for “we are too cheap to pay for licenses for everyone”, but I was too stunned by that response to even formulate an answer.  How about the justification that I’m an IT professional who routinely gets calls from customers who probably wonder what sort of lame organization I’m working for that can’t even provide me with voice mail? Geez….

For now I’m choosing my battles, but if the stupidity layer gets too thick, I may have to pick up my toys and play elsewhere.


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