My Favorite Time of the Year

Spring is here in the great northeast and while many of my gardening friends are grumbling about all the mud, I’m just happy to see the snow disappear and the days get longer.  If there is a little mud involved, so be it.

I’m one of those weirdos for whom anticipation is something of a drug, so you can just imagine how heady I find early spring.  Every day is a new discovery of swollen buds, things popping out of the ground that I had completely forgotten about, and the delicious planning of a redesign.  Finally, all those damned gardening catalogs that have been teasing me since the day after Christmas can be seriously perused.

The down side of this is that I’m suddenly impatient with anything that keeps me indoors…like homework, housework or rain.  Like an addict, I plan and scheme to maximize my time outdoors; after a long winter it just seems impossible to get enough fresh air and sunshine.  And of course I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s a finite season and that I must savor every moment.

I’m going outside now.


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