Rolling with the Changes

I officially started my new job this week and it has been an interesting adaptation in a number of ways; one of the biggest changes is working 9-5 as opposed to 7-3.  When I applied for the job I knew that I was going to have to pull that shift, but it seemed like a small price to pay for working close to home with people who are pretty much as nerdy as I am.

Thinking that I was going to just hate my new hours, I decided to pack in as much useful activity as I could from the hours of 5 to 9; this has proven an excellent time to do homework and go to the gym.  Focusing on homework  with a freshly rested set of brain cells is somehow more productive, and the gym is awesome at 6:00 am being sparsely populated at that hour.  As an added bonus, there is practically no traffic so I can get there in about twelve minutes.

On the work side of things it’s a bit of an adjustment as well, but nothing insurmountable.  Almost all server access is done via VPN and RSA token, so switching back and forth between local connectivity and vpn connectivity has resulted in some “duh” moments.  There are dozens of servers, so figuring out who does what is interesting and of course my biggest problem is that I want to know everything yesterday; being patient with myself has never been my strong suit.

In spite of all this change I think this will be a good environment for me, and I’m looking forward to learning all I can.  Bring it on!


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  1. Joel said,

    March 12, 2009 at 8:38 pm


    congrats on your new job. I’m happy for you and truely hope it makes you happy.


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