Resolution Humbug

This afternoon at 4:15, after getting my membership tag scanned at the gym I made a beeline for the cardio deck only to discover that there was one single machine left and it wasn’t one of my favorites.   Doing a double take, I checked the clock to see if perhaps I’d misread the time and then I remembered: it was New Year’s Resolution Time.  This meant that from now until the next long school break in February people would be flocking to gyms in unprecedented numbers in search of eternal youth, or at least to work off their Christmas goodies.

For the more or less regular clients like myself (okay, I don’t go much in June or July) this usually means trouble finding an empty locker, standing around waiting for equipment and crowded classes.  I will say that my latest gym uses a pass system for classes instead of packing people in like sardines as they did at my old gym which is much more civilized.  But it’s still pretty crowded, and crowds just aren’t my thing.

Mind you, I don’t begrudge people their resolutions; I’m not sure I understand why people wait until the beginning of the year when any time of year is a perfectly fine time to start doing something good for yourself.  But I can’t help but wonder if those resolutions would stay in place longer if people didn’t feel such pressure to make them known and then define their starting point.  As  in so many things, Marketing seems to have reaped the most benefit from the New Year’s Resolution.

Still, if folks could spread their resolutions out over the year it sure would be appreciated.


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