I hate my teapot. So why the confession? Because I always wanted a leCreuset teapot, and now that I have one I absolutely detest it.

Anyone who is a cookware aficionado knows that le Creuset is considered pretty good stuff, and it’s fairly expensive. So you can imagine how happy I was to get one from my daughter for Christmas. She had seen me ogling the red whistler in Different Drummer’s Kitchen, tucked it into the back of her head, and bought it for me last year. It promptly took up residence on my stove where it looked just beautiful.

Its beauty was really only skin deep, however; the leCreuset has turned out to be the most unhandy teapot on the face of the earth. For one thing, after heating the water you must pour excruciatingly slowly into the cup or the water will sputter all over you when it hits the hot sides of the teapot. The fill lid is very snug and a nuisance to remove; you must leverage your palm on the handle and pull the lid straight up with your index and middle finger. Any attempt to simply grasp the knob on the lid and pull will result in bashed knuckles. And the handle is extremely stiff, requiring a lot of force to fold it to the side for filling.

I’m going to keep the teapot until I find something more functional.  Maybe I’ll find something I like better right before Christmas.


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