Summer School

Whenever someone finds out I work for a school district they invariably ask me if I have the summer off; people just naturally think that anyone who works in a school has a nice long lazy summer. But anyone who has darkened the door of a school building in July or August will find out that it is abuzz with activity.

While most people are kicking back and enjoying the slower pace, school techs are in a frenzy of upgrading, deploying and planning for the year ahead. If you are lucky enough to work for a district that is not undergoing some sort of construction project, life is good.  If you are like me, and working through the fourth year of a 92 million dollar construction project, life can get pretty crazy. Nothing adds interest to a network administrator’s job quite like asbestos abatement in your primary data facility. Or having a backhoe slice through the main fiber feed that services every building in the district…that’s fun. And there’s nothing like checking your email in the evening to discover that an entire data rack (the one housing the phone system) has lost power because an electrician hit the wrong breaker before leaving for the night. During construction every day is an adventure.

Compared to the corporate sector I suppose we are pretty lucky to get such a big chunk of time to work our magic. The down side to this, of course, is that the staff always returns in the fall refreshed and full of demands, while the tech staff has just emerged from eight weeks of exhausting work. If we seem little cranky try to remember that not everyone gets the summer off.


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