A Nice Place to Visit, But I Wouldn’t Want to Live There

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long trip. Being an unrepentant homebody, I don’t travel well and vacations are often more stressful than fun. You can imagine how happy I was to land in Smallbany.

One notable thing about the Seattle-Tacoma area is the traffic! I have done my share of complaining about Albany rush hour, but after spending a week on the left coast Albany traffic is a day at the beach. They have all kinds of devices out there to control their crazy commute and their television traffic reports include such oddities as minutes extra between exits. All the freeways have a carpool lane which means you must have two or more people in the car in order to use it. There is an exception; if you buy a special sensor you can use the carpool lane with one person, but the rate is metered depending on how heavy the traffic is. This rate can be anywhere from fifty cents to $35.00! I saw it as high as $15.50 on the day we took the bus to Seattle.

There are also metered ramps during rush hour. This means that at certain times of the day you cannot simply get on the freeway; there is a traffic light on the ramp and one can only merge on a green. I have seen metered ramps in Denver where they also have major amounts of traffic. I’m glad Albany traffic is not this bad yet, although if they don’t start paying attention it’s going to get this way.

The next time I complain about Albany’s rush hour someone kick me. Hard.


1 Comment

  1. Conductor J. Mark said,

    June 9, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    The Long Island Expressway, Nothern and Southern State parkways also have those limited merge lights… Not fun at all.

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