Garden Glory

May is a great time to be in the Pacific Northwest because the infamous rainy season is on something of a hiatus, and everything is blooming like mad. The first thing you notice is the rhododendrons which are the state flower…for good reason. Forget the wimpy rhodos we have in New York; these are massive, often tree-like plants which produce enormous clusters of bloom in dozens of colors. Being a garden aficionado I couldn’t resist a visit to the Washington Park Arboretum with its thousands of plant species. The rhododendrons and azaleas were in riotous bloom and we spent a few hours walking the 230 acre park. Washington is also noted for its numerous conifer varieties and this was evident at the arboretum; there were conifers of every description. Some had fluffy little tufts all along their branches, some were weeping varieties and of course there was my favorite, the monkey tree.

At the end of the arboretum was the most spectacular little Japanese garden. It had all the elements one looks for in a great Japanese Garden; a koi pond with some of the biggest koi I have ever seen, meandering gravel paths and fabulous little tea house. It was very peaceful and serene, and I took a lot of pictures which I will try to get posted soon.


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