So much yarn, so little time

I have been incredibly bad about keeping up with my blog.

Classes have started at Sage and it’s nice to be in a classroom again. I’m taking Linux Administration this semester with a lady who seems pretty savvy; many of the students have taken her Java class already and seem to like her. The evening class students at Sage seem to be generally a lot younger than the ESC students which surprised me a little; I think of evening students as falling into a much older demographic.  One of the great things about the class is that half of it is a lab, so if I finish early I can leave. Homework is minimal too, although there is a sizable paper for the final project. Since I have already used Linux in a production environment I can usually get through the labs in good time and part of me is wishing I had taken a second course.

Of course, now that I am not doing hours of homework on Saturday morning I have more time to knit. My current project is a big orange cardigan to keep me warm in my freezing cold office. The yarn was purchased at a garage sale for twenty dollars; a garbage bag full of undyed skeins which I grabbed because I have always wanted to try my hand at dyeing wool. I found a nice fiber reactive dye online and chose burnt orange because I wanted to do something different. The wool dyed up pretty well and has a kind of a light and dark thing going on which looks great knitted up. The cardigan is nearly done and I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.

I can’t wait to finish the cardigan because I have a new project waiting in the wings and have forbidden myself from starting any more knitting projects. I found some great Bartlett wool online in a yummy moss green which is going to be a cabled pullover some day. Restraining myself from starting new projects is a monumental effort; I have attention deficit disorder when it comes to knitting, so starting a new project always gives me a happy little buzz. I also rationalize that I need to have different kinds of projects on the go, such as a pair of angora fingerless gloves (again for a frigid office), a baby sweater for a pregnant niece, a pair of mittens for my sister and a plain black pullover because I always need to have a “mindless” project. This restraint from starting projects does not keep me from planning projects however, and I have had to devise all kinds of creative ways to store my stash in a house as tiny as mine.


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